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My name is Samantha Jo, but you can call me Sam. I live with my sister Coll (sushkitten). I like cute things, pizza, Batman, pokemon and goofing off. My favorite show is Bates Motel. I am an avid simmer and play the Sims 2 & 3. My favorite color is purple.

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batman and catwoman

So I had a bit of a rest...

I'm going to have a cuppa soon. Colly's just brewing it right now... we are supposed to get a giant snow/ice storm tomorrow... maybe, just maybe I can get pix of the snow & ice for Michelle. :) Our camera is doing fine. I just had the battery in back arse-ward. That's me... when ever we get a new toy I get so excited I don't think.

I had peanut butter on saltines for snack. :) Some of these duck calls that Duck Commander makes sounds like a dog's squeak toy. :p 

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batman and catwoman

More pix

We will start with my sister's favorite activity -- sleeping hehe.. she naps hard like Si from Duck Dynasty and I told her that if she wouldn't get up, I would post a pic of her sleeping... bc that's how the trickster in me rolls baby...

Pix?Collapse )

There is more in my PB account

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batman and catwoman


We are having ham sammiches for lunch w/ veggie soup. Good stuff! :D Right now I'm just wondering if Zexal is a re-run... which I think it is. :| Colly fixed our camera. I put the battery in the wrong way... it was just as simple as that. Oy... 

I'm going to do something and then after lunch I'm simming. Remember, I have a simming DW over at 
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batman and catwoman

Happy Caturday!

No sugar just milk pls

Good morning and happy Caturday/Saturdog. :) I just had oatmeal for breakfast. It was thick enough to mortar a house which is the way I like it. Toni was surprised at how fast I ate it considering it was just made. Hehe.. I like my hot things hot, and my cold things cold... and I guess my warm things warm too. :p

Our camera doesn't seem to want to work off the charger. -_- Sooo.. they (FD) said they'd have a new shipment of cameras today.. so Coll & I might hop over and check it out.

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batman and catwoman

And here, we go.

Right now I'm just sipping on a Diet Pepsi and watching this movie. Coll is returning something back to Factory Direct... I'm stuffed. I had fish and chips for dinner. I think I saw this movie I'm watching now in the theatres.

I'm going to rest now...
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batman and catwoman

I'm just waiting on Dave for my pin...

And then, after that, Coll & I are ordering subs. Coll is having a BLT and I'm having a ham sammich.

After lunch we are looking at a camera for me bc the camera my ma gave me; it's batteries suck... so I'm looking for a camera with one of those longer lasting batteries.. I think they are called li-ion batteries? And also by the same route, we are looking at VCRs too bc we need a new one. :)

If that doesn't pan out, we are getting a $50 vita card and a 2DS for my sister. :)

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batman and catwoman

Happy Thirstday!


I know it's not the right weather for raspberry iced tea but I thought I would put up a pic anyways. :) I had mini chum-cha for lunch and I believe we are having meatloaf for dinner. :)

Last night I signed up for Plurk again with the username zombiebitch. LOL they have this picture a day feature where you use your webcam... so I did that today.

Pin is not until tomorrow now. Ah well.. I might sim today. :D


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batman and catwoman

I'm drinking tea and thinking about going to bed...

I think tomorrow is pin. So.. if it is, then, Colly & I are going to go to Factory Direct to get me a new camera... OR we might hit Microplay to check about a DSi or a pink 3DS for Colly if the camera thing doesn't pan out..

I do not like McIntosh apples. They are too acidic.. just sayin'....

On Friday we order subs from Mr. Sub which is a Canadian sub shop.

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